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Jeep Wrangler with AIRTORQ air suspension kit 

The AIRTORQ kit is the first automotive product we have designed.   See much more in the section on AIRTORQ. 

The kit allows your daily driver Jeep to become a true dual purpose vehicle. Coil springs are replaced with standard Firestone air bags.  Drive to work or the store every day, park easily in your standard height garage or low clearance downtown parking garage.  Then go offroading and rock crawling with the same vehicle.  Allows driver to easily adjust height 8”on-the-fly or tilt any direction.  

One-day install for two guys, all subassemblies are preassembled and tested.  We have received so many good responses from people seeing our prototypes off road, so I hope I’m right about the potential we see.  Hoping to sell at least 100 kits/year and create a few jobs.  We’ve spent a lot of money in the last 5 years on this and are now building the first 20 kits for stock.

Showed it off at the Jeep Jamboree in Llano, Texas Oct 2020 and it was enthusiastically accepted.  Then showed at Moab Expo in March 2021 and received tremendous interest.  Several publications are writing about it because it’s something truly new, cool, and different.  Much more in the section on AIRTORQ.