Is AIRTORQ available for other Jeeps?

Not yet.  We designed the first kit for the JK, the super popular Wranglers built since 2007. 

The engineering is in process for the JL and JT pickup and we hope they will be available end of 2021.

Front bumper setup same for all.  Small differences in air bag mounting and differences in driver control unit because emergency brake handle is much different.


How much does it cost?

Cost is $9,997 for the kit as introduced and will likely increase in 2022.  

Do I need a long arm suspension with the kit?

No, JK and later Wranglers have medium length suspension arms which work very well even at full height. Earlier Jeeps would require longer arms.

The bumper unit is very cool. Can I buy it separately?

.No, it is included with the kit as one of the major kit parts

AIRTORQ: Off-Road Air Suspension Technology

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