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1980 Military 6×6 5-Ton Prototype Truck

This cool 5-ton 6 x 6 truck was bought from military surplus for $4000.

It was built in 1980 by American General hoping to sell it to the military. 

It was tested, then rejected and never used, with only a few hundred miles on it.

It was built with a Cat 3208 V8 diesel, Allison transmission, and special air brake axles.

We cut open the side panels of the hood so our chrome valve covers could be seen.

Driver reported salutes around town as he passed.  Triple chrome air horns gave it a commanding sound, and the driver honked every time he returned. 

We modified the bed to be forklift loadable from all sides, with tiedown straps and rub rails.


We enjoyed it for years, using it in daily service, and also putting it in parades.

Many years the Viet Nam survivor’s group of the Ia Drang Valley battle used it in the Veterans Day parade.

 We finally sold it.  Since it was old and one of a kind, repairs were difficult and expensive.