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What is AIRTORQ?


AirTorq – Jeep Wrangler air suspension kit - 8” height adjustable on the fly.


If you enjoy offroading but still want your Jeep as your daily driver, this kit is for you.

Badass Jeeps with high lift kits are everywhere, but are not happy daily drivers.

AirTorq makes your Jeep a true dual purpose vehicle.

Go to work, go shopping, park in your low height garage.

Storm with high water? Trees down? No problem.


For offroading, just add rock rails and a rear bumper and you’re ready to play with the bad boys!

It’s amazing what a Wrangler can do with more ground clearance.

No need for aftermarket fenders, just raise or tilt as needed.

No more high centering.  Deep water no problem.  Go under low hanging limbs.


No components under hood, not connected to Jeep electronics, Jeep warranty not affected.


One-day installation because everything possible is preassembled and tested.

So when you bolt on the airbumper with 8 bolts, you have then installed the compressor, air control unit, wiring, water trap, air tank, plumbing, and auxiliary air connection.

Bolting on the shocks also installs the sensors. (Thus Sensor-Shocks)

The preassembled driver control unit clamps solidly to the emergency brake handle.

All wiring plugs together with IP-67 watertight connectors, and D.O.T. certified hoses are precut to length.


For all Wrangler and Gladiator Jeeps since 2007.  Patents pending.


Price is ten grand for the kit preassembled and tested.  Warranty one year.

We appeal to the guy that hasn't already spent big money on a lift kit.



AIRTORQ: Off-Road Air Suspension Technology

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Airbag Springs 

Firestone air bags –  Time-proven – As reliable as your tires.

We have abused them for years – never replaced one.

Ride with these bags and our sensor shocks is better than factory.