Torque Engineering, LP is an automotive business founded by Larry Keast in 2014.

It is a partnership with Venturetech, LP which Larry started in his garage over 40 years ago.

Venturetech manufactures diesel-hydraulic drilling machines for the worldwide oilfield called power swivels and top drives.Interesting to car guys, these machines range in power from 173 HP/7000 ft-lbs to 800 HP/35,000 ft-lbs. With hydraulic systems to 320 GPM at 5000 psi, pneumatic and electronic remote controls, over 1000 of these machines have been manufactured. www.venturetechnet.com

The oilfield roller coaster has been good and bad. Venturetech has weathered many storms, some years manufacturing 100 machines with 60 people, worst years 4 machines with 14 people – crazy business.Although Larry’s career has been oilfield engineering and manufacturing, he has always had a love for cars and especially Jeeps.

Thankfully, Venturetech bought more land, expanded the plant, built a car shop, paid everything off, and saved some money.So Larry set up TE to showcase his car projects and hopefully to create jobs manufacturing automotive products.

So, what products? Larry’s an entrepreneur, a registered engineer, and an inventor with some 30 patents so far, several more pending.Never interested in copying other’s designs, Larry is always looking for new product opportunities based on better ways of doing things.Finding new markets is not easy and development takes time, but Larry thinks it’s fun and it seems to be all he knows how to do.

So where are the opportunities for automotive products? What is truly new or has been done poorly?Our AirTorq air suspension system is an opportunity for something truly new and different. Our small team includes machine designers, engineers, technicians, machinists, welders, and mechanics.One of our engineers has experience in automotive and motorcycle companies and is an avid offroad Jeeper.Our engineering resources include Autocad, Autodesk Inventor, 3D modeling, FEA, and a MakerBot 3D Printer.

Our machine shop has CNC machining centers and lathes, plus manual mills and lathes.Fab shop – Mig, Tig, spool guns, plasma cutting, and bandsaws for bar stock to 16” dia. Forklifts from 5000 to 35,000 lbs, 8000 lb telelift, 10 ton bridge crane, and 10 jib cranes. Our test rig has 630 HP dyno capacity to 35,000 ft-lbs.


AirTorq is a unique off-road air suspension kit designed to work on Jeep Wrangler vehicles that gives you a true dual purpose vehicle.


Follow us on  our land speed racing adventures as we try to find new and unique ways to enjoy one of the greatest American racing events in history.


Browse through our collection of projects to see what we are up to. Your sure to see something out of the ordinary.